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3 Agustus 2011


◊ Gyul ◊ Gyul Omma ◊ Goddess ◊ Mirror Princess ◊ LeGYulas ◊ Shikshin ◊ Carrot

D.O.B: ◊ May 21, 1988
Position: ◊ Vocals
Role in KARA: ◊ Leader
Blood Type: ◊ AB
Height: ◊ 162cm
Favorite Color: ◊ Purple
Favorite Season: ◊ Spring and autumn
Favourite Korean gasoo: ◊ H.O.T
Motto: ◊ Whatever the situation, let’s think positively

◊ Collar bone ◊ Eyes

◊ Singing ◊ Acting ◊ Impersonations ◊ “Goddess Concept” on T.V.

◊ Food ◊ Reading ◊ Watching Movies

◊ Currently attending Dongduk Women’s University – major in Broadcasting Communications

Name: 한승연 Han Seung Yeon
Date of birth: July 24, 1988
Height: 160cm
Extra Information:
◊ Is called “Haem” or “Ham” by Sunghee because she looks like a hamster
◊ She has the face of a ‘Choding’ (which means elementary student)
◊ Attended a school in Tenafly, New Jersey
◊ Re-took her college entrance examinations because she wasn’t satisfied with her previous marks
◊ Loves to make random sounds
◊ Loves anime, and downloads them when she feels stressed
◊ Attended the same dance school as Hyori and Hyoyeon (SNSD)

Name: 정니콜 Jung Nicole
Date of birth: October 7, 1991
Height: 164cm
Extra Information:
◊ Fluent in English, and knows how to speak Spanish as well
◊ Born in Glendale, CA (USA)
◊ She wrote most of the rap lyrics for KARA’s first album & for “Honey” and “Let It Go” from KARA’s Revolution album
◊ Hates to cry in front of people as she is the strongest (emotionally) member of KARA
◊ She is very good friends with SNSD members; Hyoyeon, Tiffany, Sunny and Seohyun
◊ She is a Twilight and Harry Potter fan girl
◊ Lee Hyori is her idol

Name: 구하라 Goo Hara
Date of birth: January 13, 1991
Height: 164cm
Extra Information:
◊ Auditioned for SME and JYPE
◊ She is from “Kwangju” the same hometown as Big Bang’s Seungri and Wonder Girls’ Sunmi
◊ Has known Sunmi ever since from a young age
◊ She is very competitive and participated in track & field in Elementry school
◊ Postponed schooling to concentrate on Kara
◊ According to members, she eats the most but does not seem to ever gain weight
◊ Fans call her “Koala” because the pronunciation is very similar to her name
◊ Top 3 idols she’d like to date: 2PM’s Taecyeon & Junho and 2AM’s Jokwon.

Name: 강지영 Kang Jiyoung
Date of birth: January 18, 1994
Height: 166cm
Extra Information:
◊ She is a big fan of Daesung from Big Bang
◊ Her audition song was SNSD – Kissing You
◊ Fans say she resembles a turtle, a cute turtle
◊ Introduced to DSP by a relative
◊ She was a last minute replacement when a new member chose to leave
◊ Was at the 2007 Dream Concert as a DBSK fan girl


One comment

  1. love kara >.<
    they're so sexy and cute~
    nicole and jiyoung is my favorite!
    kara please come to indonesia….
    i love you kara!!
    kamilia jjang! kamilia jjang!

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